Project Review Process

Frederick Water participates in the state’s Local Standards and Review Program. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) administers the water portion of the program and DEQ the sewer.

A. Under this program:
  1. All projects must meet FCSA approval.
  2. Projects that contain (a) water lines greater than 12 inches in diameter, (b) water treatment facilities, (c) water storage facilities, or (d) water pumping facilities must also be approved by VDH.
  3. DEQ must also approve plans that (a) serve greater than 400 persons or have a design flow greater than 40,000 gpd, (b) have pumping stations, (c) have industrial, commercial or private pre-treatment facilities, (d) contain low pressure collection or forced sewer systems, (e) or contain pipe greater than 12 inches in diameter.
B. Two sets of paper plans and specifications shall be submitted for review. A site plan comment sheet from the Frederick County Department of Planning and Development must accompany each submittal.
C. Drawings, specifications, and engineering reports submitted for approval shall be prepared by or under the supervision of, a registered professional engineer or others legally qualified to practice in Virginia.
D. The Authority’s goal is to review the plans within 15 working days after receipt.


  1. In reviewing the application, the Authority shall require such changes as it may consider necessary to (a) meet the requirements of its standards, and (b) permit future extensions.
  2. Any changes will be marked on both sets of submitted drawings. One set will be returned (for correction) to the firm submitting the plans. The second set will be retained by the Authority. Re-submittal will again require two sets of drawings and a new comment sheet.
  3. When the plans are approved, they will be so stamped and returned.
  4. The Authority shall then require:
    • A set of paper plans containing the cover sheet, site layout sheet, water & sewer plan & profile sheets, detail sheets and other sheets deemed necessary.
    • Two CD’s of the requested sheets:
      1. One CD shall be in PDF format. Each sheet shall be in its own file and be in landscape orientation. Each file shall be titled with the project name and appropriate sheet number.
      2. One CD shall be in DWG format. Each sheet shall be in its own file and each sheet shall be titled with the project name and the appropriate sheet number. Each sheet shall (1) be in landscape orientation, (2) be without border, (3) be in state plane coordinate system NAD 83 and (4) be compatible with AutoCAD 2006.
      3. Each of the two CD’s shall be labeled with its format and project name, and placed in its own paper CD envelope.


E. Plans and specifications are valid for a period of three years from date of approval. If construction is not in progress at the end of this period, Authority approval shall be void. Plans and specifications will have to be submitted as a new project (if deemed necessary by the Authority) and conform to the current standards. 
F. Plans shall be drawn on sheets measuring no smaller than 24″ wide by 36″ long. 
G. The cover sheet shall contain:


  1. Project title
  2. Vicinity map
  3. Contact name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Owner
  4. The parcel’s magisterial district and its property identification number(s)
  5. Original seal and the original signature of the registered engineer (following sheets shall bear the imprint or a legible facsimile of such seal)


H. The plans shall show a north arrow, location of existing structures, proposed and existing underground utilities, curbs, property lines, railroad crossings, culverts, etcetera.
I. A general layout sheet shall be provided showing streets, lots, and sanitary sewer and water line locations (both on and off site).
j. Profiles of both water and sewer lines are required. The horizontal scale for profiles shall be the same used for the plan, but in no case be smaller than fifty feet to the inch. The vertical scale shall in no case be smaller than ten feet to the inch.
K. A detail sheet containing the appropriate water and sewer drawings and notes shall be provided.
L. After plans are approved, any changes shall be noted by an encircled (clouded) area.


For questions or to report problems: (540) 868-1061