The Problem with Chlorides: A Service Learning Project

During Spring 2023, five students from James Wood High School participated in a Service Learning project with Frederick Water.  These students were tasked with researching high chloride levels in the effluent from the Crooked Run Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Chlorides are thought to enter the urban water cycle through saltwater brine discharged from water softeners into the sewer system.  The wastewater treatment plant, which uses a combination of physical and biological processes to clean the influent before discharging it to a nearby creek, is unable to remove the chlorides.    Consequently, a higher concentration of chlorides is discharged into the creek, which can have harmful effects on the local aquatic life over time.  

To mitigate this issue, the students developed a public information campaign, including a pamphlet, video, and a compilation of informational resources.  View the materials they created below, then commit to being part of the solution by taking the pledge to reduce chlorides!

The Urban Water Cycle


Take a Pledge to Reduce Chlorides!

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