Job Opportunity- Electrician

High school diploma and at least five years’ experience in electrical maintenance.

Duties include but not limited to:  Performs a wide variety of manual and skilled tasks involving the installation, construction, maintenance and repair associated with booster pumps, pumping stations, and reservoirs.  Performs preventive and predictive maintenance on assigned equipment; assists in the diagnosis and performance analysis of water wells and booster stations rand performs related work as required.  Performs skilled corrective and preventive maintenance work associated with the installation, electronic process control instrumentation and electronic equipment used in the production, treatment, storage, and distribution of water.

Performs routine inspections on existing pumping equipment to ensure reliability and performance; performs the installation of equipment and components; prepares and submits completed maintenance reports as required.  Assists in the diagnoses of well and booster pumping station operation using specialized tools and testing/diagnostic instrumentation; troubleshoots pumps and motors and makes appropriate adjustments and repairs.  Maintains accurate, up to date records on all maintenance repair and service activity; requisitions materials as needed; monitors and maintains inventory of replace parts and equipment. Makes frequent inspections of process control instrumentation and electronic equipment; analyzes and investigates causes of instrument failures and irregular operation, and recommends corrective measure to improve accuracy and reliability.  Install, calibrate and make necessary repairs to process control computers; filter systems; flow and pressure transmitters; chlorine, pH and turbidity monitoring equipment; chemical feed equipment; plant and distribution telemetering equipment; electronic/electrical control circuits; and other complex instrumentation activities utilized in the water treatment process.

Journeyman’s License Required

Starting Pay Range: $54,000 - $55,055