A. Maintenance easements shall be required for all water and sewer lines and appurtenances except where installed within a public right-of-way of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

B. The easement document shall contain the appropriate wording plus the plat(s) showing the easement.

C. Maintenance easements shall not be fewer than twenty feet in width and shall be centered on the main. Combined sewer and water easements shall be thirty feet in width with both mains then ten feet from the edges of the easement.

D. Plans and plats shall have maintenance easements labeled as sewer, water, or sewer/water as appropriate.

E. All easements shall have the right of ingress and egress fully provided for in the recorded deed.

F. Ingress and egress easements shall be required for access to all pump station sites. The easement shall be a minimum of sixteen feet in width.

G. No building or permanent structure shall be constructed within a maintenance easement. No trees, shrubs, structures, fences, or obstacles shall be placed within an easement which would render the easement inaccessible by equipment.

H. Where deemed necessary by Frederick Water, easements shall extend to adjacent property for orderly extension of service.