Imagine a Day Without Water

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Can You Imagine a Day Without Water?

Water, a seemingly unending resource, plays a significant role in our lives, yet the infrastructure needed to maintain access to our homes and businesses is often out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. You wake up, shower, make your coffee, clean your car, feed your family, flush the toilet, wash your laundry. But have you thought about where your water comes from or where your wastewater goes?

October 21 is the Value of Water Campaign’s annual Imagine a Day Without Water, where people across the United States will engage in opportunities to learn about our nation’s water systems and the hard work that goes into ensuring a day without water doesn’t become a reality for your community.

In the United States, most water systems are more than a century old. Aging infrastructure, intensified weather events, and a lack of investment have kept over two million Americans from accessing safe and reliable water and wastewater services.

At Frederick Water, our water system is comparatively new—we’re just 54 years old, but most of our infrastructure is less than 25 years old! --but great care and planning are required to keep it working effectively and efficiently.  As we work to maintain our existing system, we also recognize that today’s infrastructure is insufficient for tomorrow’s needs.  By 2035, the daily water demands of our community are expected to double the current level!  Additionally, recent events, such as the harmful algal bloom on the Shenandoah River, have shed light on the impact neighboring water systems have on each other. 

Frederick Water is taking steps to secure reliable infrastructure for the future.  We must invest in new water sources and infrastructure now to avoid serious consequences in the future.  Phase One of the Opequon Water Supply Plan, which consists of new raw water sources, a significantly sized water storage facility, a water treatment plant, and distribution system, is scheduled to be in use by April 2022.  Service opportunities within neighboring Clarke and Warren Counties are also being explored as a way increase reliable infrastructure and economic growth opportunities in our region as a whole. 

Water is the lifeline of our communities. Investing in our water and wastewater infrastructure will ensure you have a fresh glass of water each morning, firefighters the ability to fight annual wildfires, hospitals to stay safe and sanitary, and it offers employment opportunities. If the United States closes the water infrastructure investment gap, hundreds of thousands of new jobs will become available over the next few decades alone.

When you imagine a day without water this year, think about how central water is to your daily life. Consider taking one of the following actions:
  -Visit the Daily Buzz Café in Stephens City on October 21 to participate in a No Water, No Coffee promotion
  - Learn more about the water sources in your area by visiting
  - Follow Frederick Water on social media to join the conversation online
  - Reach out to local, state, and national politicians and let them know that funding infrastructure is a top priority.

We know how important water is. It’s up to us to keep the conversation going and ensure that the systems that deliver this valuable resource are reliable for generations to come.