You can conserve water indoors by repairing leaks, limiting shower times, running dishwashers only when full, and cleaning laundry only when the washing machine is full.

The greatest opportunities for water conservation can actually be found in your lawn watering schedule. In the summer months lawn watering can account for as much as 65% of total use.  Too often, we overwater our lawns. The problem is, most people either water at a schedule that’s convenient for them, regardless of their lawn’s need for water, or they just don’t know how much water a lawn needs and how to deliver it most efficiently. For that reason, we offer the following tips and tools. Most importantly, we request that our residential customers follow a two-day per week watering schedule:

Odd Addresses: Wednesday and Saturday

Even Addresses: Thursday and Sunday

This schedule has a number of benefits: It evenly distributes water use over a weeks time, which helps extend the life of our assets, and it leaves Monday alone – a chance for storage tanks to refill after a weekend of heavy water use.